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Divorce Success Planning

Updated: May 29, 2020

The divorce process is simultaneously exhausting, stressful, and heartbreaking. No one is prepared for the shock that comes from the stress created during divorce. We have identified 3 significant problems that plague business owners in the divorce process:

1) Typically, your 3 main professional advisors do not look beyond their sphere of expertise and rarely will your lawyer, accountant, and financial advisor communicate regarding the effects of divorce. The Venerable has designed a solution which provides the critical connection between your advisors and provides expert assistance on how to protect your business and stay connected to what is important in your life.

2) No one is there to assist in preparing clients to deal with the belligerent spouse, establishing client needs, organizing client goals. The Venerable’s Divorce Success Planning solution identifies the individual needs of the client, the client’s goals, and the client’s business interests. The Venerable will support you through the challenges you will face in the divorce and help you prepare to handle a difficult spouse, organize your goals, and map out how you will get through the divorce with your business assets intact.

3) Business owners need an impartial trusted advisor to look out for their business interests while the owner is embattled or in shock. The best way to describe our role is “trusted advisor” who will coordinate between your divorce attorney, accountant, and financial advisor and can look at your situation outside of the fray and emotion.

We leave legal affairs to your divorce attorney, your tax planning to your accountant, and your financial investments to your financial advisor, but we will help you organize your goals and map out how you will get through a divorce while preserving your business assets. We assist clients in making and reaching divorce goals.

There are 3 common advisors available to participants in the divorce process: divorce coaches, consulting divorce attorneys, and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts.A divorce coach is like a wedding planner for divorce.A consulting attorney may help with uncontested divorces or take on additional tasks to assist your divorce attorney. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst understands the financial decisions during the divorce process and how those decisions will impact the client’s financial future. The Venerable’s Divorce Success Planning solution may utilize one or all of these resources.The Venerable provides value with innovative solutions.

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